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My website is now back! (+an explanation about why the website was actually down)

2020-06-28 15:28:20 UTC+0

TheMarkusGuy website is now back. After a long investigation, it turned out that my website had too many incoming requests (potential DDoS attack?) and my web host didn't like that, which is why they took down the site. In order to restore the web site, I had to make a new site and restore all of the data myself. Due to the fact that I was aware that here may be some problems coming with the web server (I didn't want to take any risks), I made a backup of the entire website in my computer. Also my website was (and still is) available in the Wayback Machine web archive. At the moment, parts of the web site that communicate with databases, including blog posts and comments, don't work. This is because I wasn't able to log in to phpmyadmin. I'll wait on that for a few days and as soon as I can log in, I'll restore the backup file of the database I made (which I also downloaded previously and which contains all previous data). To avoid pontentially unwanted requests, I set up Cloudflare in a way, that every time a new client visits my website, they have to wait for a few seconds. I also turned off insecure connection (the part that doesn't really communicate with Cloudflare's servers). This may create problems in older browsers, but for security I strongly suggest to use up to date web browsers. All internal downloads, pictures, channel links and games are available now available again. Also, a video about this website on my YouTube channel is public again.


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