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Important changes for the channel on December 1st

2020-05-24 10:02:55 UTC+0

Welcome back! I haven't been posting here for quite a while, but today is the day I'll do it. A reminder about the blog's activity will be posted by the end of the day in my website at

Starting with December 1st, my channel will be watchable in addition to YouTube in my Twitter (@MarkusTegelane) and on the Facebook page TheMarkusGuy Videos. Up until now I've been posting links to my videos and shared interesting posts, but in December I'll start uploading full videos in Twitter. Facebook page doesn't exist yet, but by the end of this month you should be able to like the page. I probably won't make an Instagram profile, but if there is enough demand I'll consider it. I am also planning to investigate other websites where I could upload content. This blog will start introducing new videos and my website will have the latest video with all of the links for my new profiles. The YouTube channel will stay up, but I'm unsure about how long that'll be the case.

YouTube is going to apply new terms of service and COPPA requirements at about the same time, which means that these changes are mandatory for my channel's survival in the upcoming year 2020. Considering, that my videos are designed for a family friendly audience, I am unable to correctly select between the age groups YouTube gives you (adults and children) and because my channel is not profitable enough for the website and is actually more of a financial loss, YouTube has total discretion to completely delete my channel and prevent me from accessing the service.


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