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[Info and news] Channel handles, name change for secondary channel, community tab and more

2022-11-03 13:35:23 UTC+0

I posted a video that recaps events that have been happening on my channel:

Channel handles

In case you didn't know, then my channels now have YouTube handles. Unlik channel names, handles are unique and they can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. Handles are soon visible on YouTube comments in place of usernames, channel page, YouTube search and shorts. They can also be used to reference my channel.

markustegelane x -> markustegelane lite

The name for my secondary channel, mmaal x (markustegelane x), has changed. The new name is mmaal lite (markustegelane lite). The new name reflects the so-called lightweightness of the channel, more specifically of its content. The main reason, I decided to change the channel name was that the mmaal x (markustegelane x) wasn't really an easily understandable name for the viewers and it might also cause large confusion. For example, x was in no way related to the number 10.

Minu lisakanali, markustegelane x, nimi muutus. Uueks nimeks sai markustegelane lite. Uus nimi peegeldab kanali nö kergekaalulisust, täpsemalt selle sisus. Peamine põhjus, miks otsustasin kanali nime muuta, oli selles, et nimi markustegelane x polnud piisavalt selge vaatajaskonnale ning võis tekitada suurt segadust. Näiteks, polnud x kuidagi seotud numbriga 10.

This change means that the channel logo and overall design are now different. The second change is related to the web address and design of the official page for the channel. The new URL is and its design has also siginificantly been changed. 

This change will not affect the content output of the channel. Additional information:

The Chatroom batch file

Perhaps the earlier viewers of my channel remember "The Chatroom" batch file. In case you don't, it was a chat-client, which was 100% made in Batch scripting language. It also had some interesting features, such as sending Movement Batch maps, text files, and Farm Batch maps.

However, this batch file had a big limitation - it didn't work on the internet. This meant, that all of the chatrooms and chats were confined to a single computer. Of course it was possible to share a folder in the local network and mount it as a network drive, but I didn't give you exact instructions on how to do this.

The new version, which I am working on, allows you to make chatrooms and join them all over the world. The old version used folders for saving various chatrooms, but the new version uses HTTP requests and MySQL databases. Like my Draw Batch batch file, The Chatroom 4.0 works as an independent batch file, which means that all of the dependencies are extracted automatically.

Markus computer entertainment - End of season 2

The first video this year, on my channel, was the opening episode of the second season of Markus computer entertainment and I am planning to also end this season in 2022. Of course, this won't mean that I will not post any episodes next year, just that after the last episode of season 2, there'll be a longer pause before a new episode gets released.

This year I am planning to publish 2 more Markus computer entertainment episodes. The first one talks about Samsung Dex, which is a desktop interface for Samsung tablets. The episode ends with some sort of a twist, that leads to the last episode of the season.

But what is going to be in the final episode of season 2? The final episode is going to be called "Windows XP and more [Markus computer entertainment special" and as you can read from the title, it will not only talk about the good and old operating system. In case you have watched and listened to season 2 episodes carefully and investigated the lore of tegelane, then you might foresee the "more" part. For those, who are out of the loop, I'll give you an extra hint in the form of a word - cluster.

Community tab

For the last topic, I want to talk about a YouTube feature, which hasn't yet been added to my channel - the community tab. Community tab allows content creators to post text content, pictures, and polls, in addition to videos.

But, why am I talking about a feature, that hasn't been added to my channel yet? It's because in the following weeks or months, it's possible that my channel will finally recieve a community tab, because YouTube decided to bring the feature to smaller content creators.

So far, in order to notify you about updates, I've had to make some sort of a video and/or a blog post on my official channel blog - But making a video is a time consuming process and my subscribers won't get notified about my blog posts. Community posts would allow my subscribers to see, what's going on with my channel. They would also be able to vote in polls and vote, which videos they'd like to see earlier or just comment.

In case you are worried that this will be the end of info and news video series, then don't worry, it won't happen. If I think the info is really crucial, of course I am going to make a video. But with The Chatroom and Markus computer entertainment, I would have made a community post for each instead. But I do plan to end making blog posts after the feature is added. The blog itself won't go anywhere, just I'll stop posting content there and will only use it in extreme situations, such as when I lose access to my YouTube channel.


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