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[Video] Due to demand from viewers, I decided to publish a video, that was unpublished until now

2022-10-24 12:48:07 UTC+0

I previously promised to make a video about an interesting operating system called Momonga Linux. But after less than 2 minutes of editing, I decided to publish a video related to Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition, because I thought that would be something that the wider viewer base would be interested in.

This is why the Momonga video was left unpublished. After uploading the Draw Batch video, I decided to start using a new editing software - DaVinci Resolve. After beginning the use of this program, I still had Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition and Momonga Linux videos, which hadn't been fully edited yet, which is what one of the obstacles was - I had to somehow finish editing them using DaVinci Resolve (or continue using kdenlive). I decided to render the remaining parts of Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition video in kdenlive and then complete the rest using DaVinci Resolve.

After publishing that video, I discovered several other interesting topics, which I wanted to make a new video about and the Momonga Linux video just kept being postponed. And this is where we are today. I wasn't sure if finishing the editing process and publishing the video would be interesting to my viewers, so I decided to upload the first 1.5 minutes of the Momonga video and added the link to it into a Twitter poll, where I asked if I should publish the full version of this video. There has been 1 "Yes" vote on the poll so far (keep in mind, that I can't answer the poll myself). Since the result of the poll remained at 100% yes and 0% no, I decided to finish the video and bring it to you.


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