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[Website] The legacy version of mmaal (markustegelane) has been closed

2022-10-10 16:33:08 UTC+0

With this blog post, I am officially announcing that the legacy version of my website, http(s)://, was put into sleep and will not be awaken. This change will not affect any website, which uses a top-level domain, including,, and, because all of these have already been upgraded to the new version.

Why was the legacy version of my website closed?

The legacy version of my website used 000webhost for web hosting, which is a free hosting service, but which had various limitations, which made hosting my personal website impossible in the long term. The biggest problem was that the free hosting services had limited bandwidth, which also meant that web pages could take a long time to load and the site was down very often. The free version also had several rules, one of which my website violated - 000webhost can only be used for educational/experimental purposes. This is also why, on 9th October my 000webhost account was blocked. More specfically, it was a 3rd party notification from SiftScience.

Will Your data, which was not in the new version of the site, now get lost?

Before moving to another hosting service, I tried to copy all of the database entries from the legacy version. As far as I know, all data was transferred to the new version. This transition took place on 10th September 2022, so if you saved some data (e.g. comments, ratings, etc.) before that date, then that data was retained. However, if you did something on the legacy version during that date (possible if your DNS was very slow) or later (only possible, if you used the 000webhostapp URL), then it's possible your data was not copied over.

How could you differenciate the legacy version and the new version?

If you open main page, in the quick access, and then the about page, you can see several logos. In case it had the 000webhost logo, it was the legacy version. In case there was a Hostinger logo, then it was/is the new version.

Does the change affect updates on existing Markus' software?

For the most part, no. If you are using the blue screen simulator plus software, then the update server should be set to one of the following web addresses (if you open these links in a browser, you should see the "403: Forbidden" error page):

If the update server is set to (this link should open a page that says the website is sleeping), then you should change it to one of the URLs about (without parenthasis). If you are using 1.x versions, then the update server should be (which you can't modify). For 1.x users, it's recommended to upgrade to version 2.1, in order to get all of the latest features.

The second program, which may be affected, is the download center batch file. If you opened the downloads batch file before 9th October, then you were given the chance to upgrade to version 1.33. If you are already using 1.33, then you don't have to do anything. If you didn't update the download center batch file in time, then you have to download the new version here:

If you still try to open an older version of the download center batch file (i.e. before 1.33), then various things could happen. If you open the 1.32 version, the main interface will open, but no downloads get listed. If you open an older version, then the batch file will close, after checking for updates (metadata.cmd is missing variables and that causes some problems with a for-loop syntax).

Does this change affect my blog or Feedburner links?

No. My blogs and Feedburner links are completely isolated from my website.

Are the download links in the descriptions of my videos affected?

No. My video descriptions don't use the links.

Can You use my web address?

No. Even address is currently reserved. All of my top level domains (including,, will expire on certain dates, but I have the oppurtunity to renew them. You can't take any of the domains from me (except in cases, where you can propose a use case and with an agreed monetary quote, to contact me, use the following e-mail address:

What happens, if you try and visit the legacy version of my website?

You'll see a message saying that the website is sleeping. I can't wake up the site without appealing the termination of the website.

Will I continue to use 000webhost hosting services?

Probably not.

How can You see the legacy version of the site after it's been closed?

At It's not the latest version before the transition (this verison is missing the quick access page for example), but it is fully functional. Some links redirect to new pages, but I am planning to fix this problem soon.


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