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Transition to a new domain and hosting provider

2022-09-11 09:35:20 UTC+0

My website has now been upgraded to a new domain and a new hosting provider. In case you visit one of my older domains (including and, then you'll be redirected to a new web address - The new hosting provider is Hostinger, which provides more reliability than the previous provider.

Due to this, I also have a new channel e-mail address -, where you can send feedback or ask questions related to my channel or website. Keep in mind that it isn't my personal e-mail address, which means it may take some time, before I reply to your message.

All data from the previous web address should have been brought over to the new one, but if there is something, which you posted, that is missing from the new version, contact me on the feedback page or through e-mail.

The older version is still available on this web address: (this gets used by the download center batch file for example)

Functionally, nothing should be different - everything that worked before, should also now work, but in the meantime I have added some new features, which you can only access through the new domain, mainly the channel database.

On the channel database, all of the metadata for videos has been translated to English (and Estonian)! Or, at least those records, that were initially translated on YouTube. Also, it's now possible to search for videos by category and tags! In addition, it is possible to customize the result page and even how the report is outputted (HTML, CSV, or JSON format)!

New hosting provider displayed on the about page
Illustration of the redirects of the new site
Customized results page in channel database
Report outputted in JSON format
Channel database settings menu


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