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MX Linux overview on the mmaal (markustegelane) channel!

2022-08-21 16:55:06 UTC+0

I decided to make a Markus computer entertainment episode about a Linux distro, which is to this day the most viewed page in DistroWatch - MX Linux! 

This distro is based on Debian Linux "Stable" branch and is a collaborative effort from the antiX and former MEPIS Linux communities. The goal of the distro is to offer an elegant desktop experience with a minimal user-side configuration, which should also be as stable and performant as possible.

The biggest quirk of the distro is the "Snapshot" function, which allows you to make an image of the active system, which you can put on the flash drive in addition to the removal of systemd, an initialization script. This distribution comes bundled with a lot of customization tools and Conky widget system, which allows you to customize the computer to your liking with as little effort as possible.

Additional information and user reviews for this distro can be found here:

In this Markus computer entertainment episode, we do the following:

This episode is also special due to the fact that I recorded the episode in 2 days. Okay, maybe not 2 days in a row, but more like 2 times in the span of 2 days. I also made a livestream about editing one part of the video. In case you haven't seen it, you can see the live stream recording here.

In the video, I also made a screenshot, which I uploaded to Imgur, using the built-in screenshotting tool.

Screenshot from the MX Linux desktop

 Markus computer entertainment episode:


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