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A special Markus computer entertainment episode is coming soon!

2022-04-23 20:24:13 UTC+0

I am officially announcing that the Markus computer entertainment Season 2 special episode is being premiered on 24th April 2022, at 23:00 (GMT+3)! You should also notice that these "special episodes" are made at most 2 times every Markus computer entertainment season (the first season only had 1 special episode).

The idea of these Markus computer entertainment special episodes is that we don't just review an OS or solve a computer problem, but instead do something else, which is related to previous episodes.

In this special episode, we are taking a look at a software program, which allows you to boot multiple operating systems from a single device - MultiROM. I have used this software in some of my first season episodes, including Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch videos.

Those of you, who have seen Markus computer entertainment videos before, will also notice that there is something weird and very different in this video. You'll understand the last sentence 26 seconds after the premiere starts.

Here are some screenshots:

Markus computer entertainment special intro

MultiROM menu

MultiROM custom recovery


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