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Jump Batch - a new batch game!

2021-05-09 13:38:21 UTC+0

Starting from yesterday, you can now download a batch game called "Jump batch". The game uses ASCII graphics and is written 100% in batch. Feature showcase in the following video:

video "[Batch game] Jump Batch"

I mainly wrote this game as a challenge to myself, but also to realize the animated video by rebane2001 on YouTube. In 2015, the following video was published on the rebane2001's YouTube channel:

video "Minu USKUMATU batch mäng" (translation: "My AMAZING batch game")

The video displays a potential batch game, that looks very similar to mine. However, there are still some impossible features in the video (such as the character itself and the animation of the character when hitting an obstacle) and minor differences with my batch file (text size, heading text in main menu, etc.). In addition to the features shown in this video, my version also includes character and texture editors, command line arguments and much more, that I showcase in my own video.

Due to the fact that my website is down, you can download this batch file only through a public Google Drive link, I've provided:​ (zip file, 63916 bytes, checksum [MD5]: 3DC82A6878D6CAC4924CEA5C6793E8C6)


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