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Website is broken again and an important update on my blog

2021-05-09 13:35:17 UTC+0

My channel's website is broken again. The reason this time is related to 000webhost's servers, that no longer accept SQL commands through PHP. This is related to COVID-19 pandemic. This is a critical issue, that makes majority of the website unusable (i.e. all features that are related to databases, don't work). The only wait to fix the problem is to wait until 000webhost fixes the problem.

If you try to visit the website, you'll still be able to accept (or decline) the use of cookies, but no other feature is available for a normal user. Direct download links and download center batch file are still functional.

Download center batch file:

If you want to visit the website in the unstable state, you need to manually add a cookie with name "cookie_ok" and value "dev". Do the latter only if you know what you're doing.

Second topic, which I want to talk about, is the subscription feature in this blog. Starting from July, you won't recieve e-mail notifications about new posts. In July this widget will also be removed from my blog.


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