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Visiting my channel's website is now more secure!

2020-05-24 10:01:08 UTC+0

My channel website now uses HTTPS. At the moment, it is completely optional (so older devices can still visit the website), but soon the website will have features that require a secure connection (potentially anonymous polls, chat rooms, etc.). If you want your browser to always use secure connection, you can use an extension, such as HTTPS Everywhere. For best experience, use Cloudflare's DNS servers ( and 

I made this change, so everyone visiting my website could be sure, that they see the correct web page and that their data is protected (my site doesn't collect any data, everything should be anonymous). I am planning to update some links on my blogs, so that they redirect automatically to HTTPS. Some blogs (including LogOS technologies) will not transition to HTTPS in the near future.


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