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News domain is down at the moment

2023-01-07 17:59:23 UTC+0

Due to ongoing maintenance with the registrar, which the domain uses, the .ml domain is inaccessible and times out, when trying to connect. I have posted more details about the situation on this Twitter thread:

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[Info and news] Channel handles, name change for secondary channel, community tab and more

2022-11-03 13:35:23 UTC+0

I posted a video that recaps events that have been happening on my channel:

Channel handles

In case you didn't know, then my channels now have YouTube handles. Unlik channel names, handles are unique and they can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. Handles are soon visible on YouTube comments in place of usernames, channel page, YouTube search and shorts. They can also be used to reference my channel.

markustegelane x -> markustegelane lite

The name for my secondary channel, mmaal x (markustegelane x), has changed. The new name is mmaal lite (markustegelane lite). The new

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[Video] Due to demand from viewers, I decided to publish a video, that was unpublished until now

2022-10-24 12:48:07 UTC+0

I previously promised to make a video about an interesting operating system called Momonga Linux. But after less than 2 minutes of editing, I decided to publish a video related to Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition, because I thought that would be something that the wider viewer base would be interested in.

This is why the Momonga video was left unpublished. After uploading the Draw Batch video, I decided to start using a new editing software - DaVinci Resolve. After beginning the use of this program, I still had Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition and Momonga Linux videos, which hadn't been fully edited yet, which is what one of the obstacles was - I had to somehow finish editing them using DaVinci Resolve (or continue using kdenlive). I decided to render the remaining parts of Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition video in kdenlive and then complete the rest using DaVinci Resolve.

After publishing that video, I discovered several other interesting topics, which I wanted to make a new video about and the Momonga Linux video just kept being postponed. And this is where we are today. I wasn't sure if finishing the editing process and publishing the video would be interesting to my viewers, so I decided to upload the first 1.5 minutes of the Momonga video and added the link to it into a Twitter poll, where I asked if I should publish the full version of this video. There has been 1 "Yes" vote on the poll so far (keep in mind, that I can't answer the poll myself). Since the result of the poll remained at 100% yes and 0% no, I decided to finish the video and bring it to you.